IBC 2009: Web goes prime time on TV sets with the release of Opera Devices SDK 10

Opera today released the Opera Devices SDK 10, a complete Web technology-based toolkit for bringing the Web and widgets to TVs and other connected devices. With the proliferation of connected TVs in the home, Opera remains committed to delivering made-for-TV Web technology that allows for quick customization, ease of use for the consumer and the ability to port this technology cross-device with minimal effort.

Favorite features

  • Hardware acceleration
    Speed-up the rendering of Web pages, applications or UIs by taking advantage of an accelerated DirectFB driver.
  • Extended support for silicon platforms
    Opera Devices SDK 10 is now pre-ported to popular TV platforms including CE3100(Intel) and ST7105(STMicroelectronics) chipsets.
  • Improved UI transitions and animations
    Transitions and animations are also noticeably smoother due to CSS3 support.
  • Easier on-screen navigation and improved visual presentation
    Opera fine tunes the remote-control-to-screen relationship with more intuitive and predictive navigation.
  • Standards compliant
    Strictly standards-based, the Opera Devices SDK 10 is fully W3C compliant. This allows customers to code rich and compelling applications once and use them cross-platform or cross-device.

A guided tour of Opera Devices 10 SDK, whitepaper, screenshots and additional information is available at www.opera.com/tv.

Our point of view

“The TV experience is becoming more interactive, and Opera is playing a central role in creating that experience,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “With Opera Devices SDK 10, we have developed a seamless marriage of the Web and TV. Opera provides the framework for your TV experience, and with Web technology, the kind of compelling content that the consumer wants is easy to create. Moreover, we continue to work closely with Open IPTV forum, as we share common strategic goals: lower the integration cost, speed up time to market for IPTV services and enable choice for consumers.”

See it for yourself

For a more visually appealing taste of what the Opera Devices SDK 10 has to offer, visit www.opera.com/tv. If you are attending IBC in Amsterdam, be sure to check out a live demo at the Opera exhibit – Booth 3.C11. Experience the latest and ready-to-market Opera Web technology at Opera’s exhibit (Booth 3.C11). Demos on display will also include:

  • Opera Devices on Dreampark, Amino, game consoles and multimedia players
  • Opera Turbo on desktop and mobile
  • Opera Mobile and Opera Mini

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