Record downloads of Opera 10 indicate appeal of turbo browsing

Oslo, Norway – September 8, 2009

Opera Software’s newest browser, Opera 10 with Turbo, was downloaded 10 million times during the first week of release. With record download rates, Opera 10 is already in use by millions of users around the world.

Opera is a steadfast proponent of One Web, a strategy for a universal Web experience across all devices and platforms, no matter the location or situation. The One Web mentality reaches across all Opera product groups, ensuring that innovations that begin on desktop ultimately end up on mobile phones, TVs and even game consoles.

Opera’s One Web philosophy has resulted in more than 40 million active desktop users and tens of millions of people browsing on other Opera products for mobile phones, game devices, TVs and more. Current download figures are a clear indication that more people than ever are discovering that there are browser alternatives available. Unique to this launch was the high number of new installs, meaning a record number of people, who have never previously used the browser, downloaded Opera 10.

What the numbers mean

“While we have consistently grown in our download rates with each consecutive launch, Opera 10 has far exceeded any previous record we had,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “To us, this means that Opera 10 delivers a more compelling reason to choose Opera, and that reason is Opera Turbo. The concept of turbo browsing was the result of our One Web initiative, as our goal is to ensure that Web browsing is fast, efficient and universal, anytime, anywhere.”

Opera 10 with Turbo refresher

New to the Opera 10 browser is the concept of turbo browsing under circumstances of low bandwidth. Low bandwidth is a universal factor in multiple browsing situations, for example, on a train, in a hotel or in areas with limited connectivity. With the launch of Opera 10 with Turbo, Opera has pointedly addressed the needs of Web users when browsing on slow or congested networks.

Notable features of Opera 10

  • A streamlined and elegant new interface
  • Visual tab thumbnails for easier navigation through many open tabs


Opera 10 comes in 43 languages for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. It is available completely free at