Zeebo and Opera bring the Internet café into emerging market living rooms

Zeebo 3G wireless entertainment and education platform launches with theOpera Mini browser to offer Internet for the next billion

Oslo, Norway and San Diego, California – December 1, 2009

Opera Softwareand Zeebo, Inc. today announced they have joined forces to enable theZeebo platform with the Opera Miniâ„¢ browser, giving consumers in Mexicoaccess to entertainment, education and other relevant Web sites via afull-screen, quality Internet experience from the comfort of home.

While Zeebo continues to break down barriers in emerging markets byproviding its 3G-connected digital gaming, entertainment and educationsystem for the rapidly growing emerging middle class, the Opera Minibrowser is also breaking the mold with its first browser release for ahome consumer electronics device based on mobile technologies.

Opera Mini’s unique compression feature reduces the size of datatransferred which in turn lowers the bandwidth while accelerating thebrowsing experience. Along with the high-speed 3G networks over whichZeebo operates, the Opera Mini browser for Zeebo helps enable users toaccess all of their favorite Web sites on the television at home at aspeed 600% faster compared to slow Internet bandwidth in Internet Cafes inthese regions.

“Opera Mini’s portability has helped us earn our champion title in mobileWeb browsing,” says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “That abilityis further exploited with Zeebo as it exemplifies not only how critical aneffective browsing experience is with all networked devices, but how easyit is to deploy Web technology across multiple device types today. We arethrilled to usher the Web to more markets with Zeebo.”

“In addition to being faster and more convenient, it is 20% cheaper tobrowse the Internet at home on your Zeebo instead of having to travel tothe Internet Café and pay an expensive hourly rate,” said Kirk Johnson,vice president of partnering, Zeebo, Inc. “Opera is the leader indelivering compelling Web content over 3G networks to consumers worldwideand they share Zeebo’s passion for making the internet accessible toeveryone. Opera Mini for Zeebo is an important element of the overallZeebo offering for consumers in emerging markets of the world.”

The Zeebo system is currently available in storefronts throughout Braziland Mexico.

About Zeebo

Zeebo, Inc., a closely held company based in San Diego, California, hasdeveloped the Zeebo, a wireless system to deliver digital gaming,entertainment and education to the next billion consumers in emergingglobal markets. Primary shareholders in Zeebo include wireless technologyleader Qualcomm and Tectoy SA, which pioneered the introduction of digitalgaming in Brazil.