Opera announces strategic partnership with deCarta

Companies will partner on location-enabling Opera’s award-winning browser products

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, February 15, 2010

Opera Software, the leading mobile-browser provider announced a strategicpartnership with deCarta, Inc., to bring maps, local search and travelroutes to the Opera browser family. Opera users will be able to accesslocation services directly, based on deCarta’s market-leading technology,adding new functionality and context to the browsing experience.

Location-enabled services have shown dramatic growth in the past twelvemonths. As GPS is integrated into more handsets, many mobile services usethat location to provide valuable context for the user experience, whetherseeing information on a map, finding places nearby or getting directions.Under this agreement, Opera can refer its users to access maps, localsearch and travel routes quickly, localized for their region.

“Location is becoming more and more important for a full Web experience”,said Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer of Opera Software. “Withthis partnership, Opera continues to expand its innovative offerings tobring our users a more convenient browsing experience.”

“Opera has established a reputation for innovation and performance inbrowsers, earning them tremendous penetration and reach on both desktopsand mobile devices”, said J. Kim Fennell, CEO and President of deCarta.”Our strategic relationship with Opera can extend mapping and local searchcapability to hundreds of millions of new users worldwide.”

Opera and deCarta will be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona fromFebruary 15-18, 2010. To arrange a meeting with deCarta, please send amessage to mzipse@decarta.com. To arrange a meeting with Opera, pleasecontact katrinj@opera.com.

About deCarta

deCarta is the leading geospatial software platform that has enabled someof the industry’s most successful Location-Based Services (LBS)applications such as those deployed by Verizon, Sprint Nextel, AT&T,T-Mobile, Multimap and Hotels.com. The company’s technology is ideal forhigh-volume LBS applications in the mobile, personal navigation, connectednavigation, enterprise and Internet markets where scalability, speed andreliability are vital. deCarta’s solutions are preferred by applicationdevelopers and service providers who seek to leverage deCarta’s uniquecore strengths of server-side and wireless LBS expertise, and also wantthe flexibility to customize map styles and self-brand. Some of deCarta’scustomers and technology partners include Appello, ATX, AutoTrader.co.uk,FullPower, Gearworks, Hotels.com, INRIX, Local Matters, loopt, Maps.comMultimap, NAVTEQ, Networks In Motion, Tele Atlas and WHERE. deCarta isprivately held and headquartered in San Jose, California withinternational offices in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and China.www.decarta.com.