The world’s fastest browser for Windows

Opera 10.50 includes speed boost, numerous enhancements

March 2, 2010 – Oslo, Norway

Opera Software today released Opera 10.50, the fastest Web browser thus-far produced for Windows computers. Opera 10.50 also includes a sleek and refined new design, as well as private browsing, where Opera hides all traces of sites you visit. Opera 10.50 is available completely free from

Browsing, refined

Sometimes a browser should just get out of your way. The improvements to Opera’s look and feel are many, but the result is a leaner browsing experience, so you have more room on screen for content. The new Opera menu button replaces the traditional menu bar, so you have a single-point to access all of Opera’s groundbreaking features.

Catching lightning in a bottle … er, browser

Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser we have ever produced. Under the hood, we introduced a new JavaScript engine, Carakan, and a new graphics library, Vega. What that means to you: no more waiting around for a site to load.

Private browsing

What you do on the Web is up to you, no one else. Make sure it stays that way by using private browsing to remove specific sites from your browsing history. Unlike other browsers, Opera 10.50 allows you to browse privately in a tab or in an entirely separate window.

Platform integration

On Windows 7/Vista, we let Opera enjoy Aero Glass, as well as supporting Aero Peek and Jump Lists. Now, you can easily access your Speed Dials, tabs and more from the Taskbar.

The old favorites

Opera has pioneered or introduced many of the features commonplace in Web browsers today, such as tabs and Speed Dial. But, a few just cannot be found anywhere else:

  • Opera Turbo – Whenever your bandwidth slows to a crawl, just turn on Opera Turbo, and let your worries eat your dust. Opera Turbo compresses Web pages on our powerful servers. Because you transfer less data, Web content gets to you faster.
  • Opera Unite – Share content immediately, without uploading files or posting to a social network. Opera Unite combines the flexibility of a Web application with the capability of a Web server, easily accessible from your browser.
  • Opera Link – Take your data with you. Synchronize your Speed Dial, notes, search-engine preferences and more; then, just log into any other Opera Web browser or even Opera Mini, the world’s most popular mobile Web browser.

What we say

“Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser in almost all speed tests,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera. “But, more important than any speed test is the real-world speed during use. We designed Opera 10.50 to be easy to use, while making our unique features stand out, so you can get more out of the Web.”

Rewriting the Web with HTML5 and CSS3

Opera 10.50 includes improved standards support for HTML5 and CSS3, giving Web designers the tools they need to make eye-catching Web applications that work on completely open technologies. Read more for complete information on standards support in Opera 10.50.



Opera is available completely free from or via Microsoft’s browser choice screen. Opera 10.50 is currently available for Windows and comes in 42 different languages. Mac and Linux versions are coming soon.