Opera Mini smartphone users go Android in Vietnam

Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report shows how Vietnamese surf the web

The Opera Mini user base on smartphones has grown remarkably in Vietnam during the past year, with a 142% increase since July 2012. The country’s recent 3G deployment, affordable data plans and budget smartphones have fueled this growth. However, it is Android that has seen the most impressive growth, with a 211% increase in the number of Opera Mini users during the same period, becoming the second-largest platform among Opera Mini users in Vietnam.

This edition of the State of the Mobile Web report takes a deeper look at this phenomenon and analyzes the browsing trends in Vietnam, the seventh-largest Opera Mini user base in the world and the fourth-largest in Asia.

Some key trends highlighted in this State of the Mobile Web report:

  • Opera Mini users on Android browse more webpages and consume more data, compared to other Opera Mini users. On average, the number of pages viewed was 63% higher on Android than other platforms.
  • Vietnamese users like to stay well informed. In all, 21 out of the top 100 websites visited by Opera Mini users on Android were news and information sites, accounting for 27% of the total Opera Mini data consumption on Android. 
  • Facebook leads social. Some 69% of Vietnamese users have visited social-networking sites, but it’s clear Facebook is the most popular one, with four out of every five pages viewed occurring on the famous social network.

Interested in learning more about Vietnamese surfing trends? Visit business.opera.com/smw  to see the infographic and read the whole report.


In July 2013, the consumer base of the Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic browsers had more than 259 million unique users globally. 35% of them are using smartphones to browse the web.

Opera Mini users viewed more than 177 billion pages and generated over 3.5 billion MB of data worldwide. Data in the Opera Mini browser is compressed to as little as 10% of its original size. If this data were uncompressed, Opera Mini users would have viewed over 14 petabytes of data.