Opera debuts as default browser for Nokia X family

With Opera, Nokia X customers will enjoy a super-fast web browsing experience while they save data, thanks to the Opera Turbo compression service embedded in the Opera browser. The news coincides with the unveiling of the new Nokia X2, the latest affordable smartphone from Microsoft and the first of an entirely new generation of Nokia X devices.

The Opera browser, available free to download from Nokia Store, has been available for all Nokia X customers since the family launched in February this year.

“Our companies have enjoyed a long history together, and this represents a huge step forward for both of the companies,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “We have worked closely with the Microsoft Devices Group on this project, to make sure the users of Nokia X affordable smartphones can have the best web browsing experience right out of the box.”
Opera for Android is a full-fledged web browser for mobile devices that puts the user in the driver’s seat with powerful, yet easy to understand features such as:

  • Opera Turbo, a cost and time-saving feature that compresses data before it reaches the user’s mobile device. By switching on compression with Opera Turbo, webpages are compressed by Opera servers, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the amount of data transferred. For users on a pay-as-you-go data plan, or roaming while traveling, the savings can be significant.
  • The Discover feature, a novel way of finding content that users find interesting. Gathered from hundreds of websites all over the world, the Discover feature offers the cream of the crop in fresh content. It’s customizable and easy to set preferences – the list can be sorted by country and topic – and get going with thousands of articles at a thumb’s reach.
  • Speed Dial, an Opera Software innovation, has been perfected for the smartphone world. By letting the user save, move and organize Speed Dial entries into folders, Opera for Android lets users keep better track of sites they find interesting – and get to them faster.