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Exclusive entertainment news portal free for Vinaphone-Opera Mini users

Vinaphone, Opera Software and Yan News today have announced a content partnership to form a mobile entertainment news initiative in Vietnam. Called VOY, the initiative not only represents the partnership among Vinaphone, Opera and Yan News, but also stands for “Voice of Youth”, catering to mobile-entertainment-savvy youngsters in Vietnam. This free mobile-content service will focus on serving the hottest, fastest and latest entertainment news reported by Yan News. VOY news will be delivered exclusively to Vinaphone-Opera Mini subscribers, two hours before the news becomes available to other Yan News followers. With just one click on their phones or tablets, all users of the Vinaphone-Opera Mini browser will be able to get locally-made entertainment news faster and easier.

“Rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets and engagement with the web are prompting people to spend more time reaching online content on their mobile devices. VinaPhone has seen this trend and wants to bring a more affordable and interesting world wide web to people in Vietnam,” says Đỗ Minh Ngọc, Deputy Director, VinaPhone. “With VOY and the Vinaphone-Opera Mini data plan on board, local mobile internet users now can comfortably enjoy interesting entertainment news on their phone without worrying about spending a fortune on their data plans.” 

“The uptake of entertainment news on mobile phones is strong in Vietnam, with over 70% of users between 15-33 years old. In addition to social-networking and general news sites, Vietnamese users love to access arts and entertainment sites to discover and follow celebrity news and pop culture,” says Nguyễn Việt Anh, Country Manager of Vietnam, Opera Software. “It was logical for us to seek a content partnership with Yan News, which produces high-quality local and international entertainment news. We believe great content will drive more people to access and discover the web.” 

“The Yan Group has extended its footprint from TV to digital platforms. We’ve seen that Yan News has become one of the most popular entertainment news sites in Vietnam through both PCs and mobile phones,” said Edge Pamute, Chief Strategic Officer, YAN Group. “To capture more of the youth audience, we think offering ‘thumb-friendly’ news content will help them get up to date more quickly and easily. We are very happy to have established VOY with Vinaphone and Opera, providing two hours of exclusive news and a brand-new design layout via the Vinaphone-Opera Mini browser.” 

Fast facts about the Vinaphone-Opera Mini browser:

* The browser was officially launched in August 2013, with a data plan offering of VND 2,000 per day for unlimited web browsing (excluding file and video streaming).

* The number of unique Vinaphone-Opera Mini users grew over 280% from August 2013 to May 2014.

* The Vinaphone-Opera Mini browser is available for free on more than 3,000 different mobile phone models, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Java, and Symbian phones. Download it from

About VinaPhone

A subsidiary company of Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications Group, Vinaphone was officially established on June 26, 1996 as a nationwide mobile phone network using next generation and modern GSM technology, with an eye towards creating healthy competition in Viet Nam’s mobile communication market. By the end of 2000, Vinaphone had completed its coverage of nearly all residential areas, industrial zones, highways, tourism spots, and border-gates throughout the country. In 2009, VinaPhone was the first operator to launch 3G services and has won two most excellent awards- award for the best post-paid services providing and award for the best new services given by Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications.

About Yan News

Founded on December 21, 2012, YAN News, as part of YANTV Joint Stock Company, has witnessed significant growth after one and a half years in operation. YAN News is at present ranked in the top 16 most popular websites in Vietnam. With its slogan “ĐỘC – ĐỦ – ĐÔ (BEST – BIG – BOOM), YAN News aims to be a reliable entertainment news website as well as a media partner that works closely with the showbiz industry and youth events.

YAN News as a video-entertainment news website operates with a view to offer YAN audiences and users such “BEST – BIG – BOOM” experiences, open to all entertainment news and trends both domestically and internationally. YAN News has taken a further step in offering exotic experiences with news by video besides the traditional broadcasting news.

Yan News also introduces to users a new different blog style named Mlog (Magazine blog) which has been built to provide a playground and an exchange space for all bloggers interested in updating, sharing and commenting on the newest news and entertainment products.