Faster Wi-Fi experience with new Opera Max compression technology

New Opera Max version includes a Wi-Fi data-savings option. The data-compression app will allow users to control their mobile data and Wi-Fi data independently.

With 80% of all data usage on Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi savings has been the number-one requested feature by Opera Max users.

Users experiencing Wi-Fi network congestion will enjoy a faster connection experience with this new compression feature, as they can see how apps are using their data and track how their apps behave on Wi-Fi.

Complete control with App Blocking

With the new App Blocking feature, users can prevent apps from tracking them or using data without their permission, as well as being able to stop apps from running in the background to conserve precious battery life. The “Blocked Apps” section gives users complete control over mobile data access and Wi-Fi data access.

Improved user interface for Android users

Moving away from a tabbed navigation design, the new version of Opera Max uses a familiar Material Design navigation pattern with a navigation drawer. This new interface ensures a modern and familiar experience for Android users.

Get Opera Max

Opera Max is now available in 135 locations globally, with more geographical updates to follow, and can be downloaded here:

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