Opera for computers is the first browser to offer sidebar extensions

Sidebar extensions, tiny pieces of software that you can use while you browse, are available on the latest version of the Opera for computers browser. With this exclusive feature, you can use notes and other handy tools right next to the web content and can even interact with it.

You can now choose to have your Twitter feed on the sidebar of your browser or browse without losing focus on other important activities, like keeping track of sport scores or checking the latest stock prices. The sidebar brings you completely new possibilities to do more on the web.

“If you have an idea for adding new functionality to Opera, you can now easily implement it by creating a sidebar extension,” says Zhenis Beisekov, Product Manager at Opera Software. “This solution brings unlimited possibilities for anyone who wants to contribute to product development – and a dose of fresh energy to the browser world.”
Sidebar extensions work similarly to regular extensions and can respond to your current surfing habits, whether it is researching, reading news or entertainment. You can now activate this feature simply by selecting Extensions from the Opera menu. Download Opera 30 today and check out our current list of sidebar extensions.

But, wait, there’s more…

Opera 30 includes a few more improvements that allow users to do more on the web:

  • Tab cycler – Makes switching tabs much easier, in the order in which they were active
  • Improved tab menu – Allows you to change the order based on which tabs were recently used
  • Recently closed – A new tab menu section that makes finding an accidentally-closed webpage much easier
  • Other Device – A tab menu section that allows you to see all your open tabs, if you have an Opera account and are signed into the browser from another computer

Read our tutorial for sidebar extension developers here.
Download Opera for Windows, Mac and Linux.
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