“Shake and Win” back in Brazil for the holidays with more than 23,000 prizes

A Brazilian Opera for Android user is excited about the latest edition of "Shake and Win."

São Paulo, Brazil – November 28, 2023 – “Shake and Win” is back in Brazil to kickstart the holiday spirit, with tens of thousands of prizes on offer including mobile data, Uber rides, food vouchers, and much more. The latest edition is the fourth from Opera this calendar year, illustrating the vocal enthusiasm of a growing user base hungry for more – and between November 28th until December 21st they’re set to be rewarded with a prize pool that’s four times the size of the last round. 

“We’ve seen such tremendous growth in Brazil this year. At first people came to shake their phones, but then they stayed with Opera, having discovered our browsers’ unique features that suit their everyday needs. Brazilians have shaken their phones over 3 million times across the first three editions of this much-loved campaign, while our user base has more than doubled. So we wanted to say thank you this holiday season, and spread the excitement on a bigger scale than ever before,” said Juliana Psaros, Head of Regional Marketing, LATAM.

Users can participate in “Shake and Win” by tapping on the floating button on the start page of the Opera for Android. Participants can then shake their phones to win instant rewards on offers like mobile data and shopping vouchers. Players can also win prizes by collecting individual puzzle pieces and completing the prize puzzle. 

Opera has teamed up with a wide variety of popular brands in Brazil for this edition of “Shake and Win.” Lucky winners can save on food costs with vouchers from iFood, Méqui, Bob’s, and Carrefour, get free rides with Uber, take home Rappi, Submarino, and Americanas Cards to buy whatever they might like – and much more besides, including movie tickets, game credits with Razor Gold, and mobile data! So whether users are hunting for Black Friday deals, shopping for the holidays, or enjoying some fun during the festive season, they can get ahead just by shaking and winning! 

Users on the Claro, Vivo, and Tim networks will be able to win free data in a couple different ways. For one, they can shake their phones to instantly win up to 1.25GB of data. That’s not all, however – players can also win an extra 250MB of free data by recommending Opera for Android to two friends, provided they complete the necessary steps. 

“Shake and Win” is available for users of Opera for Android, a powerful and secure browser that enables users to explore the web with blazing speed and safety. The company’s flagship browser for mobile boasts a range of user-friendly features such as free VPN and VPN Pro services and a built-in ad blocker – making it the perfect platform for those who seek a seamless and secure browsing experience. 

Opera for Android also features Opera’s free, unlimited AI tool, Aria. Tremendously popular in Brazil – in fact with the greatest number of active users worldwide – Aria allows users to enhance their creativity and productivity by harnessing the power of AI. Connected to OpenAI’s GPT technology, Aria is further enhanced by live results from the web. As an expert in both web navigation and browser functions, Aria facilitates AI collaboration in tasks such as information retrieval, text or code generation, and product inquiries.

And for football fans, Opera’s Live Scores feature allows users to follow the latest scores and statistics from their favorite teams and leagues, so they can stay right on top of the action from anywhere. “Shake and Win” will also be accessible from Opera Mini, Opera for Android’s lightweight, data-friendly sibling.

So let’s make the end of this year a time to remember with Shake & Win by Opera. Download Opera for Android now, join the fun, and shake your way to victory!

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