Opera and Qwant announce a special version of the Opera browser available for Qwant users in France

A laptop screen shows Opera's custom built with Qwant integrated as the default search engine.

Oslo, Norway – November 14th, 2023 – Starting today, Qwant users in France can benefit from a custom build of Opera’s desktop browser, with Qwant pre-set as the default search engine. This is the result of a partnership between leading web innovator Opera and privacy-focused search engine Qwant.

With Qwant pre-set as the default search engine in the start page search bar – and on Speed Dial for one-click access – Qwant users in France can now take advantage of a powerful combination of protections by downloading a custom build of the Opera browser that lets them make the most of Qwant’s privacy-focused service and benefit from Opera’s suite of additional privacy-enhancing features.

Existing Opera users on desktop and mobile platforms in France have the option to set Qwant as their default search engine in the address bar by changing their preferences in the Settings menu. 

A focus on privacy and user choice 

Founded in 2013, Paris-based Qwant has made user privacy central to its mission. The search engine provides unbiased search results which respect user privacy: no searches are tracked, no personal data is collected, and no advertising tracking is allowed. Free from personalized search algorithms, users can browse without the burden of filter bubbles or targeted ads based on their search history.

Norwegian browser-maker Opera likewise maintains a strong focus on protecting user privacy, with standard features such as built-in ad and tracker blocking tools. Opera furthermore offers both Free VPN and VPN Pro options, both of which are no-log services – meaning they do not log or store a user’s personal data. Users can thus benefit from in-browser or device-wide protection that includes state-of-the-art encryption and servers worldwide. The partnership between Opera and Qwant is therefore a natural progression for both companies.

Opera is furthermore committed to providing users with myriad options for customization – such as integrated messengers, custom wallpapers and Pinboards, and now a native browser AI, Aria – so that each user can tailor the platform to suit their own needs. Audience configurations – special, custom-built versions of the browser – represent a new frontier to bring the browser to new users from other fan bases and constituencies. Coupled with the company’s recent growth in France, a burgeoning user interest in privacy-focused options made Qwant a natural fit.

“Opera has a long track record of prioritizing user privacy and security – of putting our users in control of their browsing. Moreover, we see an increasing demand for solutions guaranteeing user security online and providing innovative technologies. So we’re delighted to partner with Qwant, a fellow European company that shares this same commitment,” said Jumana Patel, Director of Business Development & Global Partnerships at Opera.

“Respecting users’ privacy has been in Qwant’s DNA since the search engine was created. We are therefore delighted that Opera is working with Qwant to offer a complete browsing and search experience that respects privacy. Together, our companies are enabling more and more Internet users to protect their online privacy through our services,” explained Raphaël Auphan, COO of Qwant.

So if you are located in France, up your privacy and search in complete confidentiality with Opera and Qwant – download Qwant on Opera today.

About Opera

Opera is a user-centric and innovative software company focused on enabling the best possible internet browsing experience across all devices. Hundreds of millions use Opera web browsers for their unique and secure features on their mobile phones and desktop computers. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Opera is a public company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol “OPRA.” Download the Opera web browsers and access other Opera products from opera.com. Learn more about Opera at investor.opera.com  and on X @InvestorOpera.

About Qwant  

Developed in France, Qwant is the search engine that respects the privacy of its users by not collecting any personal data. Qwant develops its own web indexing technology, designed to provide unbiased, exhaustive and unprofiled search results. Qwant provides a search service with zero search tracking, zero advertising tracking and zero sale of personal data. In addition to Qwant Search , Qwant Maps , a mapping service, and Qwant Junior , a search engine

dedicated to 6-12 years old, Qwant offers Qwant VIPrivacy, a browser extension that allows users to browse the web without being subject to ad tracking. Learn more about Qwant on https://about.qwant.com/en/