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Opera launches Vintage, a new browser from a different era

Opera, the Norwegian browser developer, today announced Opera Vintage, a new browser made for the web of yesterday. Opera Vintage will provide users with exclusive access to their favorite websites from the last millennium in a way that prioritizes feeling over functionality. It’s bulky but robust design give users a unique experience browsing their favorite […]

Opera opens its PC browsers to crypto

– Opera to soon ship crypto wallet access with its PC browser – Opera PC browser will give users access to the built-in crypto wallet in Opera for Android – After strong interest in the private beta, Opera is opening the crypto wallet to a larger audience for testing. On July 11, Opera became the […]

Opera launches as a Snap for Linux users

Opera and Canonical today announce that Opera, the popular web browser, is now available as a Snap in the Snap Store. Opera is the latest notable addition to the Snap Store providing ever more choice to Linux users via an easy to install, always up to date application direct from the software vendor. Opera, founded […]

New year, new browser – Opera 50 now protects users against Bitcoin mining with just one click

Opera is the first major browser to add protection against cryptojacking During the last six months, more than a billion people may have experienced that their computers suddenly get slower, louder and warmer while browsing. These could be symptoms that they’re victims of cryptocurrency mining, also known as cryptojacking. Today, Opera becomes the first major […]

Share and experience the web like never before

Opera adds new snapshot tool, VR player and easier setup Opera today launched a new version of the Opera browser for computers to make other browsers obsolete. This includes a fun snapshot editing tool, a handy search pop-up tool, integrated popular social messengers and support for watching online video content using VR headsets to make […]

New Opera browser adds support for social messengers

Today, Opera becomes the first major browser to integrate social messenger services, allowing users to chat side-by-side as they browse. With the release of the new browser, codenamed “Reborn”, Opera continues on the path to redefine what a web browser should be. Making social messengers great on laptops Over the last few years, web versions […]

Opera with built-in VPN grows in the U.S. after repeal of internet privacy rules

Interest in using virtual private networks, or VPN, when browsing the internet is now surging. On March 28, the United States Congress voted and approved to repeal restrictions which stop internet service providers from selling personal browsing data and information. Since then, the number of new U.S. users of Opera, the only browser with a […]

New Opera browser release focuses on speed

Today, Opera has released a new version of its browser with instant page loading and Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) on board. Over the last year, Opera has brought a large set of unique features to the browser. With today’s release, Opera focuses purely on making the browser super fast. Speed is super important for users […]