Opera turns to Johansen brothers to fine-tune Opera Turbo

Odd and Even Johansen kick off hunt for world’s slowest connection

A cabin near Oslo, Norway – August 25, 2009

Opera, with assistance fromthe famous packing duo, Odd and Even Johansen, today unveiled the firstrelease candidate of Opera 10. You can download and help test the releasecandidate at http://www.opera.com/next/. With help from the Johansenbrothers who worked “dag og natt” to help Opera fine-tune Opera Turbo, thefinal version of Opera 10 is set for launch on September 1, 2009.

“Our family has always been passionate about one thing: flat packaging,”explains Even Johansen. “Our grandfather once packed himself into abucket.”

“We are on a mission to show how Opera Turbo packs Web pages down, so theyget into your computer faster,” noted Odd Johansen. “Therefore, we arehunting for the slowest Web connection to come and attend it personally.”

To find out more about the hunt for the world’s slowest connection, visit:my.opera.com/odd-even/

What we say

“Working with the Johansen brothers has been an experience,” said JanStandal, VP of Desktop Products. “These guys want to pack everything theyfind into small boxes. Ten minutes after I met them, my office looked likean IKEA warehouse. I knew immediately we found the right people to bringOpera Turbo to the world.”

About Opera Turbo

Opera Turbo packs Web pages down so they are very small and fit veryeasily into your computer. Because they are small, the transportation iseasy, efficient and fast.